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“The American Awards” is a web application service provided to the public “as-is” as beta product by Perfect Republic, LLC (referred to herein as: Perfect Republic). To review our Terms of Service, click here.

Perfect Republic and the Perfect Republic family of companies value you and respect your privacy. It has always been Perfect Republic's firm policy to conduct business with scrupulous respect for the law. We collect information to support our relationship with you, improve our product offering and to communicate about products, services, and promotions. Perfect Republic recognizes that we must maintain and use information responsibly. We may disclose information to companies that work with us and assist us with providing services to you. Perfect Republic may use personal consumer information to market the products and services Perfect Republic and its subsidiaries provide; and on a limited basis, we may share your contact information with trusted business partners so that they may market their products and services to you. However, we will never share such information with third parties without your express agreement, which will be solicited prior to such an event.

You can always find the most recent version of our privacy policy on this page.

Effective Date of Privacy Policy: 06/17/2015

What information does Perfect Republic collect through theamericanawards.com and why?

We collect the information you provide us with when you register and/or send a nomination, for the purposes of hosting that nomination. This information may include:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your social media accounts
  • Your city, state, and/or ZIP code
  • Your nominee's name
  • Your nominee's e-mail address
  • Your nominee’s social media accounts
  • Your nominee's city, state, and/or ZIP code
  • Your privacy settings
  • The content of the nomination
  • Any media you upload, link to, or otherwise attach to the nomination
  • Your billing information

In addition to collecting information necessary for the submission and receipt of nominations, we also collect limited demographic data provided by our users on their My Account page or through the use of occasional surveys. This data is used to understand who our users are so that we can market our products and services accordingly.

The American Awards system also logs IP addresses in the database with every vote, for both auditing and bot protection, and collect information about usage of the site in cookies, so as to better provide a fair user experience. This is not optional, cookies must be enabled to use the page.

Who does Perfect Republic share information with?

We share personal customer information with our agents, representatives, trusted service providers, and contractors for limited purposes. Those purposes may be fulfilling customer orders; offering products and services in connection with our website; customer service; giving access to our partners' sites; or finishing credit card transactions. These third parties are not allowed to use this information. They can only fulfill orders and service your questions.

From time to time, we may share the contact information of our customers with carefully picked and trustworthy third parties so the third parties can promote their products and services. You can opt out from our sharing of your information for this particular purpose at any time by adjusting the marketing preferences on the “My Account” page of TheAmericanAwards.com.

Perfect Republic reserves the right to work with law enforcement officials in the investigation of any possible unlawful activities of our customers related to electronic communication transmitted on our site. Perfect Republic will have no legal responsibilities for such disclosures. We may also give information to other groups for fraud protection and credit risk reduction. We may share grouped demographic and statistical information with our other partners. No personal information that can identify any individual person is shown in that disclosure.

Nomination Privacy Rights

TheAmericanAwards.com, as run by Perfect Republic, is in the business of publishing content submitted by our users on TheAmericanAwards.com website. So long as the submitted content does not violate our Rules, Terms of Service, or Privacy Policy, all nominations are published within the scope of the free speech of the Nominator party. However, to respect the privacy rights of all nominees, after being sent notice of a nomination, a nominee is given a 48 hour period in which they may accept or decline the nomination. If they accept the nomination, they may establish privacy settings defining how they’d like their name to be displayed. If they decline the nomination, the nomination will not be published. And if they do neither, the nomination will be published with the nominee’s last name abbreviated, until such a time that the nominee signs in, and either alters the nomination’s privacy settings, or declines the nomination altogether.

Your California Privacy Rights

California Civil Code Section 1798.83, also known as S.B. 27, allows individual customers who have provided their personal information to Perfect Republic to request information about our disclosures of certain categories of personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. Such requests must be submitted to us in one of the following ways: send a letter to Attn: The American Awards Privacy Services, Perfect Republic, 11115 Fawsett Road, Potomac, MD 20854. Within thirty days of receiving such a request, we will provide a list of the categories of personal information disclosed to third parties for third party direct marketing purposes during the immediately preceding year, along with the names and addresses of these third parties. This request may be made no more than once per calendar year. We reserve our right not to respond to requests submitted to locations other than those specified above.

What technical devices and processes does TheAmericanAwards.com use to collect information about me?

Our technology lets us identify what type of browser you are using, the website from which you enter TheAmericanAwards.com and the pages you view as you tour our site. This technology helps us compile grouped statistics about online guests and their use of TheAmericanAwards.com. These statistics allow us to improve the design and content of our site to better serve your needs.

TheAmericanAwards.com may use cookies to provide features like auto-login and to determine when customers have visited our site before. If your browser is set to reject cookies, we cannot make auto-login available to you. Auto-login includes giving you access to your address book without first entering your TheAmericanAwards.com user name and password.

Like most websites, the servers that serve our website automatically identify your computer by its IP address. We log IP addresses and we use them to track things like the number of people that visit our website.

Does The American Awards use third parties?

TheAmericanAwards.com uses the services of Google, Facebook and/or other advertising services for the serving of ads, promotions and other marketing messages. To do this, our advertising providers collect anonymous data from this site through the use of cookies. This anonymous data is also used to develop aggregate reports on our customer's reactions to ad campaigns and to learn more about our general audience so we may provide only the most relevant offers and promotions.

To learn more about Google's Advertising Systems and Rules, please reference their website at http://www.google.com

To learn more about Facebook’s Advertising Systems and Rules, please reference their website at http://www.facebook.com

How do I access and change my e-mail preferences?

When you make a TheAmericanAwards.com account, it may automatically show that you want to get promotional information from Perfect Republic about Perfect Republic products, services, and events. It also may indicate that you would like to be told about special offers, products and free samples from The American Awards partners.

If you do not want to be contacted by Perfect Republic for promotional purposes, you may indicate your preference when you sign up. Or you may indicate your preference by clicking the Account link at the top of any page on TheAmericanAwards.com. After that, log in and indicate your preferences.

How do I access and change my personal information?

You can change or delete your personal information anytime. Simply go to the Account link located at the top of the TheAmericanAwards.com homepage. You can update any of your personal information by choosing what information you would like to update.

How secure is my TheAmericanAwards.com account information?

To protect your account information, TheAmericanAwards.com requires that every user create a password-protected account. Even with password-protected accounts, we recognize the sensitive nature of posting personal information, such as names, locations, and photos/videos, as well as any information you've included in nominations, on the Internet. Therefore, we have provided privacy settings for all users, which are universal across the site. You may use these settings to display your full names and locations, or choose to use abbreviations, or remain anonymous if you so choose. Should any information be included in a nomination you have received that you do not wish to see displayed publicly, it is essential that you turn down the nomination. It is not possible to accept a nomination and then edit it, even for privacy purposes.

Our company does everything that we can to provide our users with a safe and secure website. Due to the site's beta status, however, we cannot guarantee the security of the site to be beyond that of most websites at this time.

Does TheAmericanAwards.com ensure the security and privacy practices of other sites it links to?

While we carefully select the websites we link to, we are not at fault for the privacy practices or content of these websites. You are under the privacy policy of the operator of that site when you give personal information to them, not The American Awards privacy policy. Please read the policy of that site before sharing any information.

How will I know when Perfect Republic or The American Awards site changes its privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is regularly reviewed to make sure we continue to serve the privacy interests and needs of our customers. If we decide to change our privacy policy in whole or in part, we will inform you by posting a notice on the website. Those changes will go into effect on the date posted in the notice. The new policy will apply to all current and past users of our website, and will replace any prior policies that are inconsistent. You should check our website occasionally for more information on how we use the data we collect.

How do I contact The American Awards if I still have questions?

You may contact us by using the "Contact Us" link in our about area. This information is used to respond directly to your questions or comments. We may also file your comments and share them with our customer care team to improve our service in the future. Your personal information will only be shared with third parties in the event that we need to follow up with specific order-related questions or comments.

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The American Awards Winners Page will become active at the end of the current year. To honor someone you love or admire by making them one of the very first nominees for an American Award, click here and nominate them today!