Frequently Asked Questions

What are the American Awards?

The American Awards is an online competition designed to honor and recognize the unsung heroes that walk among us. After all, if we as a society are going to recognize excellence among our actors, musicians and atheletes, we figured it made sense to bring recognition to the more commonplace but far more important roles in our society: the mothers and fathers than go beyond the call of duty; the teacher who stays late to help a struggling student find their way to success; the doctors and nurses working on the frontline the pandemic....

How has COVID-19 impacted The American Awards?

The 2020 American Awards winners will be announced online. No in-person show will be held this year to protect the health and safety of our employees and nominees.

How do you nominate somebody?

Go to the “Nomination Form” page. Enter the information of the person that you’d like to nominate, as well as a story of why they deserve to win. You’re welcome to nominate yourself, someone else, a business, or even a class of people (such as truck drivers, grocery store employees, or doctors/nurses working during the COVID-19 pandemic).

What happens after I’ve nominated somebody?

Once we've received the nomination, our nomination committee will review it, and approve it for publication on where the public can view the nomination and vote on it using our 5-star rating system. Each month, the highest ranked nominations in the system are set aside as finalists, and at the end of the year, our committee of judges will vote to determine the best of the best from amongst the finalists and pick the year's "Winners."

How much does it cost to nominate somebody?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we're waiving our standard nomination fee.  As a consequence of eliminating our nomination fees for the duration of the pandemic, nominee shirt and mug gift packages are no longer automatically included with every nomination, but these items may still be purchased separately in our online shop at

What does a nominee get if he/she wins?

Public recognition, more than anything else. To avoid violating sweepstakes laws that vary from state to state, we do not guarantee any prizes of monetary value, but reserve the right to provide our competition's winners with prizes and awards (where allowable by law).

When does your annual cycle begin and end?

The American Awards operates on a standard calendar year, beginning January 1st and ending December 31st.