Doron Zeilberg 4.33/5 (3)

My nomination for Best Professor goes to one Doron Zeilberg, my Multivariable Calculus professor from college. He’s an odd fellow, for sure. One thing I love about him is his teaching style; at the beginning of the class he gives a handout that contains what he’s lecturing about. At the end of class there’s a quiz for attendance. I feel like I really process and digest the material in this way.

He’s funny too. If someone in the class gets an answer right, he throws a penny at them! God help you if you fall asleep in class though! I remember once this kid fell asleep in the middle of the lecture. Professor Zeilberg came right up to him, making fun of him for being asleep. Then he woke him up and told him to get a soda from the vending machine, and gave him a couple of quarters in case he couldn’t afford it! How hilarious is that? It’s the combination of excellent teaching and hilarity that leads me to nominate him for Best Professor of the Year!

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