Salaah Ali 4.33/5 (3)

Salaah is my best friend in the whole world, so it’s only natural that I’d nominate him for Best Friend of the Year! We met in kindergarten, where we became fast friends because we both liked pogs. We’ve become inseparable. Recently, Salaah has been stepping up in terms of friendship. We both started at a new high school this year. We’d just gotten our food from the cafeteria, and were looking for a place to sit. Suddenly I tripped over my shoelace and my food went flying! Amidst the stinging laughter of my peers, Salaah immediately was there to help me up. He even bought me a new lunch! There’s also this girl Ann that I have a huge crush on. I would have never had the courage to ask her out if Salaah didn’t tell me that I was worth it and so much more! We have a date on Friday! Look no further for your recipient of the Best Friend of the Year award, you’ve found him in Salaah!

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