Frank Worthington 4.33/5 (3)

I’d like to nominate my son-in-law Frank for Best Husband of the Year. Frank is the best husband to my lovely daughter Diane for a number of reasons. He provides for her, not in that cloying, outdated 1950s way, but truly as a partner and equal. Diane works part time for his construction management business. Frank really pulls his weight around the house too! He fixes things when they break down, and does more than his share of the chores. I feel like that’s more than most working professionals can boast about their presence at home. 

This year though, Frank really stepped up in the husband department. Diane really needed a new car, as hers was breaking down despite numerous repairs. She’s never been one to speak up for what she wants. One day I get an excited call from Diane, shrieking over the new red Ford Explorer Frank had bought for her! He deserves to win Best Husband for sure!

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