Keiko San 4/5 (2)

Keiko is the best husband a working guy could ask for! Whenever I get home, dinner’s on the table, and she’s got the biggest smile on her face. We got married last year after dating for three, and I’ve become a father figure to Jin, the little boy from her previous marriage.

We were a little worried this year. My work vehicle broke down, and I had to sink a lot of our savings into its repairs. Stressed about finances, I didn’t really know what to do, except vent to Keiko about how I was feeling. That’s when Keiko wowed me. After a stressful day of work, she fixed me my favorite meal (steak and potatoes). Keiko sat me down and told me that she’d found a part-time job with her friend’s sewing business! Initially I resisted the idea of her having to work, but she insisted. Let me tell you, it took a lot of the burden off of my shoulders! That’s why Keiko should win Best Wife of the Year!

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